The Best Guilty Pleasure TV Shows

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Vote up the scripted television series you hate yourself for watching - but can't seem to quit.

These are the best guilty pleasure TV shows, the most delightfully addictive series we love to watch and hate that we love from the past and present, including sitcoms, dramas, reality shows, and game shows. These are the TV shows you won’t admit to watching - even though you secretly do. Guilty pleasure television is addictive and often horrible, but it never fails to draw in viewers. This list includes the TV shows you can’t stop watching, the greatest guilty pleasure TV shows of all time. Although everyone has their own ideas about what should be labeled ‘guilty pleasure’ TV, it’s not hard to admit that these shows, while not the greatest examples of television, are one thing: addictive.

Why are we so ashamed to admit that we can’t get enough of these so-called guilty pleasure TV shows? Perhaps it’s because, deep down, we recognize that these ‘so bad they’re addictive’ TV programs are truly terrible. Guilty pleasure dramas take everything to the extreme, adding crazy plot lines revolving around forbidden love, backstabbing, or jealousy. Guilty pleasure sitcoms are so cheesy they’re funny. Guilty pleasure reality shows are usually, paradoxically, unrealistic and showcase the worst in human nature. But much like a train wreck, viewers can’t stop themselves from looking.

Some guilty pleasure TV shows have become so thanks to age. After all, millions of people watched Full House and Beverly Hills, 90210 when they first aired - but would you admit to watching them now? Even if you secretly do? What are television's best guilty pleasure shows? Vote up the addictive shows you think are the best and see where your favorites rank.


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