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The Best All-Round Gun Brands

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This list of gun brands includes the most reliable and popular models available. The best gun brands include those from major manufacturers including Colt Defense, Heckler & Koch, Amscor and more. Guns are portable firearms, a barreled weapon that launches one or more projectiles or bullets often defined by the action of an explosive (or gunpowder).

Modern firearms are typically described by their bore diameter (75mm) or calibre (7.62mm) or gauge (12 ga.), the type of action employed (muzzle, breech, lever, bolt, revolver, semi-automatic, or automatic) together with the usual means of deportment (hand-held or mechanical mounting). They may be further distinguished by reference to the type of barrel used (rifled) and the barrel length (19 inch), the design's primary intended target (anti-aircraft), or the commonly accepted name for a particular variation.

So what are the top gun brands and companies? First, there are many different types of guns: handguns, longguns, rifles, shotguns, carbines, automatic weapons, machine guns submachine guns, personal defense weapons, automatic rifles and assault rifles. Users looking for a new gun for personal use will want to research a variety of different brand names (just google the company name for more info) to find the one that best suits their needs, based on features, design and quality.

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