The 13 Best ‘Haikyuu!!’ Teams Of All Time, Ranked

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One of the greatest things about Haikyuu!! is the fact that just about every team has something that makes them worth rooting for. While most people want the protagonists to win their matches, it can be hard to know who to root for if they're up against another awesome team.

For this list, we're giving some shine to some of the best volleyball teams in Haikyuu!!. From well-known, beloved teams like Karasuno, Nekoma, Fukurodani, and Aoba Johsai to teams that don't get as much attention or are manga-only like Itachiyama and the MSBY Black Jackals, there's no shortage of fantastic teams to get hyped about.

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    If you love Haikyuu!!, it's probably at least partially because of Karasuno. As the protagonist team, they're usually the ones that fans root for. It has plenty of wonderful characters that appeal to every taste.

    Hinata is an enthusiastic underdog who is constantly striving to better himself despite setbacks, while Kageyama is a prodigy who has to balance his own self-improvement with learning how to respect and communicate with others. There's Asahi, who has to overcome his anxiety to perform well. There's Sugawara and Daichi, the honorary team dads. There's Tsukishima, who struggles with motivation and pessimism, and Yamaguchi who is always there to support him. There's Yachi and Kiyoko, team managers who get much more development than most characters in their role do. Even their coaches, Ukai and Takeda, are interesting characters who add a lot to the team.

    Each member is awesome in their own right, with unique abilities, personalities, and struggles.

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    Thanks to their coach's rivalry with Karasuno's coach, Nekoma is considered Karasuno's 'destined rival.' They tend to focus on flexibility, coming up with new strategies on the fly and adapting to the needs of the current game. That's how they became associated with cats - that and the fact that while their name literally refers to shogi, it does sound like the word cat.

    The most noteworthy members are probably Kuroo and Kenma. Kuroo convinced Kenma to take up volleyball despite the latter having little interest at first. Watching Kenma develop a passion for the sport is one of the highlights of the show - as is his friendship with Hinata.

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    Bokuto is one of the Haikyuu!! characters who stands out the most. He's Fukurodani's ace and captain, and he sets the tone for the rest of the team. When he's in a good mood, he's able to energize his teammates and score a ton of points. But minor setbacks can easily put him in a bad mood, which means that he puts less energy into the game. Akaashi, the team's setter and vice-captain, does a great job of anticipating what will bother Bokuto and either talking him through it or fixing the problem entirely. Their dynamic is part of what makes their team notable.

    Also notable is their raw talent - Bokuto is one of the top 5 aces in Japan, and the other members are also highly skilled.

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    Aoba Johsai

    Aoba Johsai, also known as Seijoh, is a team that's best known for its captain and vice captain, Oikawa and Iwaizumi. These two have an intriguing adversarial dynamic and friendship, but they don't let their bickering get in the way of getting things done on the court. Iwaizumi is known for strong spikes and serves, while Oikawa is able to use his own skills to bring out the best in his teammates.

    But while these two are the stars, most of the other players are strong enough to be aces in their own right.

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    In the world of Haikyuu!!, Inarizaki is among the most famous teams. They boast a ton of great players, from their ace Aran Ojiro to the formidable Miya twins. Karasuno really struggled with them during the Interhigh. They are constantly striving to improve and refuse to get caught up in outdated stories about themselves - an idea that's reflected in their team motto "we don't need the memories." They're a team full of risk takers who rely on unexpected moves, which is part of why they're so popular. 

    Their strength makes them great, but so do their personalities. From Atsumu Miya's big ego to Shinsuke Kita's fastidiousness, they're a team with a wide range of dispositions and talents. During their showdown with Karasuno, viewers get to learn a lot about this team and their backstories, which makes them more interesting and easier to root for - even if you still want Karasuno to win in the end. 

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    When most people think of Shiratorizawa, they think of the team's super-ace Ushijima. Not only is he tall and highly skilled, he's also left-handed, which throws off opponents expecting the ball to come from the right. 

    The team's strategy involves combining their talents to support Ushijima, a strategy which often works but leaves some members feeling stifled. Goshiki, for example, really wants to surpass him and become the star. Other members don't care about surpassing Ushijima. Tendo just wants to be able to enjoy himself using his amazing guessing ability. The different personalities and clashes within the team make them an interesting team.

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