The Very Best Hairstyle Magazines, Ranked

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Whether you're an aspiring stylist or just looking to revamp your look, having some good hair style magazines at your disposal can help. Such publications can provide you tips and tricks for creating a stellar new look and provide plenty of glossy photo spreads that will leave you inspired. Which magazine is worth a monthly subscription? Below, you'll find a ranked list of hair style magazines to help you decide! 

There are plenty of popular hair magazines used in salon settings to help stylists hone their craft such as Sophisticate's Hairstyle Guide Magazine and Salon Today. However, there are also plenty of publications about hair that give general guidance for the average person looking for a new do. Established magazines like Vanity Fair and GQ have plenty of tips about styles that can help stimulate your imagination if you want to change your look. Vote up the best hair magazine below and feel free to add anything you think is missing! 

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