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The Best Hairstyles on 'Game of Thrones'

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Behold! The most epic Game of Thrones hairstyles. Hair so sassy it'll make you wish you could transport yourself to Westeros just to get in on those braids (except not, because you know you'd probably die). Game of Thrones has some of the most inspiring hair on cable TV: french-style fishtails, dutch braids, plaited buns, twisty half-up, and half-down styles. It's a hair-lovers dream. While some of these styles are actually wigs (Khaleesi, we're looking at you, girl), many can be achieved IRL with basic braids and a lot of bobby pins.

Sure, there are many other reasons why people watch the show: hot women, satisfying character deaths, and those famous uncomfortable Game of Thrones moments... but there is a strong contingent of fans that could watch the whole show on mute just for the hair. If you are one of those people, this list is for you. 

This list features the hairstyles of Margaery, Cersei, and Khaleesi, but it goes beyond the obvious and even brings back some Game of Thrones hair from earlier seasons and lesser-known characters. We've picked the best hairstyles, but if your favorite 'do is missing, leave a note in the comments. Upvote the hairstyles you think are the best.

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    Daenerys's Dutch Braid Look

    Photo: HBO / Amazon / Fair Use
    The Valyrian-speaking mother of dragons also happens to have pretty epic hair. This style looks complicated but can actually be achieved using multiple dutch braids that are attached together in the back. 
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    Margaery Tyrell's Wanna-Be-Queen Hair

    Photo: HBO / Amazon / Fair Use
    Margaery definitely knows how to work her assets. For this look, she parts her hair straight down the middle and grabs two strands to twist on both sides. The rest of her hair cascades in waves down her shoulders. 
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    Dany’s Dragon Rider Yass Queen Special

    Photo: HBO / Amazon / Fair Use

    Half braids, half curls, all fierce. This hairstyle is versatile, from the fighting fits to summoning your dragon, Dany's 'do is an intricate crown of latticed braids with a cascade of golden waves ready to flow in the wind when she gets the hell out of Meereen. Byeeee! 

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    Khaleesi's Thick Side Braid

    Photo: HBO / Amazon / Fair Use
    Bright white hair has never looked so good.
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