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Marvel’s Star-Lord rocketed from obscurity into worldwide stardom, in part due to the popularity and uniqueness of hybrid superheroes in comics. In both the comics and the films, Peter Quill is half-human and half-alien, and only one of dozens of hybrid characters in comics today. Despite what basic biology has to say about breeding hybrids, interspecies hookups apparently happen all the time in the world of spandex and supervillains, and they almost always result in crimefighting children. Their superhero parents must be so proud.

The backstories of these half-human heroes always get interesting, largely due to the fact they’re guaranteed to have at least one non-human parent. Whether they’re half-space alien like Star-Lord or have a parent who lives under the sea like Aquaman and Namor, most hybrid characters receive amazing powers from their dual heritage. More often than not, these mashup beings end up embracing their human half and fighting to defend the people of Earth because, apparently, humans are just that charming.

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