The Best Half-Pipe Snowboarders in the Wold

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Best halfpipe snowboarders in the world – active

List of the best halfpipe snowboarders in the world. On this list readers will find the best halfpipe snowboarders who are currently active in the sport, including those who competed in the 2014 Winter Olympic Games. A handful of amazing superpipe snowboarders are also included — after all, both halfpipe and superpipe snowboarders are incredible athletes, and the best are all here on this list.

While the greatest halfpipe snowboarders come from around the globe, most halfpipe fans have to give the Americans credit for their performance at the 2002 Winter Olympic Games. That year, halfpipe competitors from the U.S. swept the men’s event, with Ross Powers taking the gold, Danny Kass taking the silver, and Jarret Thomas taking the bronze.

Americans don’t always come out on top in snowboarding, however, as was proven at the 2014 Winter Games. While many expected amazing American halfpipe snowboarder Shaun White to earn his third Olympic gold medal in the event, White didn’t make the podium. He was beaten out by three incredible snowboarders — Iouri Podladtchikov, competing for Switzerland, won the gold, and Ayumu Hirano and Taku Hiraoka, both from Japan, took the silver and bronze, respectively.

This list includes all of the best halfpipe snowboarders who are currently competing — whether or not they’ve won an Olympic medal. Most snowboarding fans will recognize these amazing halfpipe athletes; anyone who’s just learning about the sport should check them out. They’ve all earned their spots as the best snowboarders in the world. 

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    Shaun White
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    Shaun White holds two Olympic gold medals in the men’s halfpipe event (2006 and 2010).
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    Scotty James

    Scotty James
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    Scotty James, who is both a slopestyle and halfpipe snowboarder, hails from Australia.
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    Ayumu Hirano

    Ayumu Hirano
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    Ayumu Hirano captured the silver medal at the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in the men’s halfpipe event.
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    Chloe Kim

    Chloe Kim
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    In 2014, Chloe Kim competed at the Winter X Games; she won the silver medal in the women’s superpipe event.
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    Torah Bright
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    Torah Bright has medaled twice in the ladies' halfpipe event at the Winter Olympic Games — gold, 2010 and silver, 2014.
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    Christian Haller

    Christian Haller
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    Christian Haller competed for Switzerland at the Winter Olympic Games in 2014 (Sochi).
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