The Best Hallmark Channel TV Shows

The Hallmark channel has brought many wholesome programs to the airwaves since its original conception. This list includes all the Hallmark TV shows the network has aired. From old Hallmark TV shows, which have since been canceled, to the latest on the network, it's all listed here - as well as the often familiar actors who starred in the show. Help us decide the best Hallmark series with your votes.

Whether it's a little contemporary fantasy in The Good Witch, or the period drama of When Calls The Heart - both long-running Hallmark shows - you'll find a new or old favorite Hallmark TV series on this list. You'll even find old miniseries like The Infinite World of H.G. Wells.

If you're a fan of G-rated - sometimes even a little corny - television shows, browse this list of Hallmark channel offerings. Then, cast your vote for the best tv series on the network! Get the best possible program up to the top.