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The Best Halloween Episodes In Sitcoms

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Did you feel that slight, cool breeze in the air? That means it's time to throw away our sunglasses and break out the flannel button-up because fall is coming and Halloween is right around the corner. And since we all know that Halloween isn't just a holiday, but rather a lifestyle, what better time than now to start binging our favorite Halloween episodes until pumpkin spice pumps through our veins. From wacky trick-or-treat mishaps to genuinely scary horror homages, there's nothing quite like a classic sitcom tackling Halloween in all its spooktacular glory.

This list of sitcom Halloween episodes will have your spine tingling because we're ranking the best Halloween TV episodes in order to determine once and for all who does the most important Holiday on the calendar best. So put the Jack o'lantern knife down, flip through the TV searching for reruns, and rank the most ghoulish Halloween episodes of the most devilishly spooky sitcoms.

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