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Creepy Movie Masks That Are A Costume All On Their Own

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The best Halloween masks can be a costume all their own and horror movie masks make for some of the easiest costumes. Add the right mask to any outfit and you're ready to purge or look like you're from the set of Happy Death Day. Masked movie villains own an extra level of creepy, thanks to the anonymizing abilities of an eternal plastic grin.

The Purge franchise has given the world a lot of creepy mask options like the fancy LED masks, but they're not the only option when it comes to great horror movie masks for Halloween. The animal masks from You're Next take a touch of DIY, but once you add some white paint you're an utterly different kind of wild animal. These simple movie masks are creepy because it could be anybody under that pretty lady or unsettling babyface. These horror movie masks are worth adding to your costume box for last-minute costume needs.

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