The Best Halloween Songs for Kids

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Spooky songs that will make your kids want to shake!

These are the all time greatest Halloween songs for kids. Halloween is a particularly fun time of year, when for a few moments we relish in the creepy and the scary. It's a great time for children to confront their fears in way that feels safe. That monster in the closet comes out to play, and things don't seem so scary. Costumes, and candy don't hurt, but one of the funnest ways to get into the spooky spirit is through music. 

Here is a list of some of the best Halloween songs for kids. Nothing too scary here, just fun times for kids to do the Monster Mash, or sing about the Purple People Eater. The songs on this list are perfect for any Halloween shindig. Kids will love to sing along as they wolf down their favorite candies and treats. 

Though many of these songs weren't specifically written for kids (some were even recorded in the late 1950s), generations of toddlers grew up on these classics. Halloween feels incomplete without these spooky reminders of how fun this particular holiday is. These songs are so good, you'll find yourself playing them multiple times a year, not just on all hallow's eve. Long Live the Monster Mash!