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The Best Halloween Songs

List RulesSongs that are traditionally played around Halloween that feature Halloween characters or spooky accompaniment

The best Halloween songs just sneak up on you (kind of creepy, right?), and while Halloween theme music can be found on compilation albums (I've included a few), some of the best Halloween tunes are one-off singles. From "Monster Mash" to the "Time Warp," check out this list for some great Halloween songs

Whether you're getting ready to go trick-or-treating, carving Halloween pumpkins or prepping for an epic Halloween party, the right music can certainly provide a creepy, fun... and spooky ambiance for everyone. Some of the music on this list is well-suited for kids and adults, while some might be a bit over-the-top for youngsters. (Halloween songs for adults can be graphic). 

What are the best Halloween songs? Take a look at this best Halloween music compilation and vote on your favorite scary songs. 

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