Every 'Halo' Game, Ranked Best to Worst

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Main games in the Halo franchise only, excluding compilations, remasters, and spin-offs.

If it weren’t for the best Halo games, the Xbox consoles wouldn’t be the critical hits they are now. The original Halo: Combat Evolved was a masterpiece that helped make multiplayer first-person shooters popular on consoles. In addition, the Halo storyline is a triumph of science fiction, spawning multiple movies and novels. But not all Halo games were made equal, so fans have ranked them from best to worst.

Who can forget that first breathtaking view of the Halo ringworld from the first Halo game? Right after Master Chief ejects from the Pillar of Autumn in an escape pod. Speaking of characters, the Halo franchise has some of the most memorable protagonists and antagonists in gaming history. In fact, a few of them are well-known even to non-gamers. Case in point, Microsoft went on to use the Cortana name for the popular Windows 10 search feature.

So be sure to join the discussion and vote up your favorite Halo games from over the years. This list of the best Halo games is here to let people know which are the ones they have to play and which ones can be skipped.