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The Best Clapbacks In 'Hamilton'

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Vote up the clapbacks from 'Hamilton' that truly burn.

Premiering on Broadway in 2015 to widespread acclaim, Lin-Manuel Miranda's Hamilton resonated with theatergoers in a way their elementary school history classes never could. With catchy tunes, electric performances, and casting that reflects the USA's unique diversity, Hamilton continues to be a major cultural touchstone. It's also got a caustic wit that manifests in several highly-entertaining comebacks.

Whether it's Hamilton insulting Aaron Burr, Burr trading barbs with the young Revolutionaries, or Thomas Jefferson throwing shade every which way, Hamilton features some of the best clapbacks in musical theater. (Of course, real theater geeks know that two of the musical's best clapbacks - Hamilton insulting Adams, and Angelica offering a sardonic "congratulations" to Hamilton - were cut from the final version, but there are still a ton of epic putdowns to savor.)

Below are a few of the choicest selections, so upvote the ones that truly "burn."