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The Best Hand Held Sewing Machine

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List RulesOnly sewing machines that are small enough to fit in the palm of one hand

Sometimes you don't have infinite space for crafting and only a hand sewer will do. This list of the best handheld sewing machines currently available on the market, has been ranked by seamstresses and crafty people who like to sew. Creative fashion hobbyists depend on good hand-held sewing machines to help them fix their garments and work on small projects. Quickly sewing up a hem or re-fastening one piece of fabric to another is best done with a portable sewing machine. Small sewing machines are also a great option for DIY seamstresses who live in apartments or who do not have a lot of free space for elaborate sewing machines. It's pretty easy to grab a handheld stitcher and do a quick repair without lugging out your large sewing machine. The best rated hand held sewing machines are easy-to-use, attractive, and actually work (you’d be surprised at how many lower-quality models don’t!)

If you are asking yourself, “What brand of hand held sewing machines should I buy?” or looking for some handheld sewing machine reviews, you can use this list of top hand held sewing machines to inform your decision, compare prices, find cheap hand held sewing machines, and be confident that you are buying the best brand of sewing machines available to you. From the great Singer handheld sewing machine, to Brother's hand sewer, there are plenty of options for the perfect machine to complement your sewing studio.
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