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The Most Effective Hangover Cures, Ranked By Anybody Who Has Ever Suffered The Morning After

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What's the best hangover cure to help you feel like a normal human again? According to almost every pop song from the '80s, '90s, and today, drinking can lead to the most exciting night of your life. The biggest downside of going HAM and drinking an entire ocean of booze isn’t waking up and trying to find your phone, or doing the walk of shame, it’s dealing with your massive hangover. From the dawn of alcohol, drinkers have been trying to concoct the prefect elixir to cure the morning after thunderstorm that ravages your body after what was only supposed to be “a couple of beers.” Years of exhausting research have gone into this important scientific field, and this list of the best hangover cures provides you - and your poor, exhausted liver - with all the how to tips and tricks you need to power through that hangover.

People all over the world, and on the campuses of many of the biggest party schools, take partying very seriously. For all those who party hard, the night of is a delight full of alcohol fueled fun, but most would love to never have to waste another morning (and day) after, drinking gallons of coffee and water just to function. These people need to know how to cure a hangover, and from headache remedies to a cure for a hangover, this list has it all. If you’re not a drinker, don’t worry, you can enjoy this list too. Not only are these some of the best cures for a hangover, but there's plenty of delicious photos of the best hangover food to salivate over as well. And if you need a quick fix check out our list of restaurants that are good for a hangover.

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