The Best Happy Days Episodes

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List of the best Happy Days episodes, as voted on by other fans of the series. Happy Days is an American sitcom which ran for from 1974-1984. With so many memorable episodes of the show, it's hard to trust just one person's opinion of what the top Happy Days episodes of all time are. Fans of Happy Days are extremely passionate about the show, and there is often debate over which episodes are better than others. That's why this list exists- so you can vote for your favorites and we can find out once and for all what everyone thinks the best episode is.

This list features episodes like "I Drink, Therefore I Am" and "Passages (1)." What is the best Happy Days episode of all time? Look below and find out.
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  • Guess Who's Coming to Christmas
    131 votes
    • Season: Happy Days - Season 2
    • Episode Number: 11
    • Series: Happy Days
    Howard wants Christmas Eve to only include the family, but Richie discovers that Fonzie will be all alone.
  • Fearless Fonzarelli  (1)
    September 23, 1975
    34 votes
    • Season: Happy Days - Season 3
    • Episode Number: 3
    Worried that he's losing his cool, Fonzie attempts to jump 14 garbage cans on his motorcycle. The stunt will be televised on You Wanted to See It.
  • A Sight for Sore Eyes
    February 24, 1976
    25 votes
    • Season: Happy Days - Season 3
    • Episode Number: 23
    • Series: Happy Days
    Fonzie is forced to wear glasses after Ralph's father discovers he has astigmatism.
  • Fonzie Moves In
    September 09, 1975
    52 votes
    • Season: Happy Days - Season 3
    • Episode Number: 1
    With Howard's hardware store about to face new competition, the Cunninghams decide they need to rent the room above their garage to generate extra income. Howard is shocked when Richie rents it to ...more