The Best Hard Cheese

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If you're a cheese lover who values bold flavor, this list is for you. Hard cheeses are some of the most popular types of cheese around the world, and it's not hard to see why. These varieties are packed firm and aged for prolonged periods of time. The process gives the cheeses a dense, hard texture and a distinctive sharp taste. Many hard cheeses are traditionally tasted in small amounts as an accent to savory dishes. But travel the globe to countries like France, Italy, and America, and you'll find these delicious hard cheeses enjoyed on their own, too.

What varieties will you find on this list of the best hard cheeses? Cheddar, which was originally produced in England, is a tasty cheese that makes the perfect ingredient in any sandwich. The sharpness and texture of this good hard cheese are determined by its aging time. Parmesan cheese is another go-to hard cheese that's frequently grated. When it comes to a hard cheese perfect for melting, it doesn't get much better than Gouda. Other options featured on this top hard cheeses list include Pecorino Romano, Colby, and Emmental cheese.

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