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The Hardest Hard Rock And Metal Band Funko Pops

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Heavy metal heads, rejoice! Hard rock Funko Pop toys are here to cater to all your head banging desires. While in their plastic form, these serious shredders might seem innocent and cute, but their musical history proves otherwise.

Now that they've been transformed into toys, these metal Funko Pop figures are here to cause a scene in your very own home. From chart-topping metal kings and queens to heavy hitting guitar slayers, metal band Funko Pop vinyl figures bring all the passion of flying Vs and soaring screams straight to your desk. 

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  • Joey Ramone
    Photo: Funko

    The beloved frontman of The Ramones, Joey Ramone raised the New York punk band to the top of the charts with his songwriting skills on politically controversial tracks like "Blitzkrieg Bop" and "Havana Affair." 

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  • Alice Cooper
    Photo: Funko

    Alice Cooper hails as a one-man theatrical metal army. The glamorized godfather of shock-rock, Alice Cooper is an artist that's been causing local disturbances since the start of the Seventies. Now, his horror image has been cast in vinyl.

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  • Lemmy Kilmister
    Photo: Funko

    Metal doesn't get much heavier than Lemmy Kilmister, the singer and bassist for rock band Motörhead. Lemmy brought the band to glory and fame with blaring power chords and powerful, raspy vocals.

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  • Rob Zombie
    Photo: Funko

    Taking a wrong turn on Route 666 leads people right into the lair of southern rock thrasher Rob Zombie. Funko Pop takes this Hellbilly out of his cursed barnyard and straight into the hands of nerdy hard rockers.

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