The Best Hardstyle Artists Of 2019, Ranked

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The best hardstyle artists of 2019 are doing their part to bring the electronic music subgenre into the mainstream. Featuring elements of techno, hard trance, and hardcore, hardstyle was developed around the late 1990s and early 2000s as producers like DJ Zany and Scantraxx began to experiment with different styles.

Artists like Headhunterz and Atmozfears helped evolve the form and continue to do so with their 2019 singles, released alongside new hardstyle tracks by artists like Miss K8, Showtek, and Da Tweekaz.

Which hardstyle artists do you think will leave their mark on 2019? Vote up the best hardstyle artists with new releases in 2019, and add any artists you think belong on the list. Then head over and check out the best hardstyle artists of all time.

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  • 2019 releases: "Oxygen," "Follow Me"

  • Sub Zero Project

    Sub Zero Project

    2019 release: The Contagion

  • 2019 releases: "Run with the Wolves," "Wolves Cry"

  • 2019 releases: "Gladiators," "Together As One"

  • Miss K8

    2019 release: "Up in Smoke"

  • 2019 release: Journey EP

  • Showtek

    2019 releases: "We Found Love," "Listen to Your Momma"

  • Adaro

    2019 release: "Midnight Sky"

  • Gammer


    2019 release: "Crank Up the Dank"

  • 2019 release: Danger Days

  • Ephixa

    2019 releases: "Sundance," "Let's Roll"