The 60+ Greatest Harem Anime Ever Made (2023 Update)

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Does the idea of a guy being pursued by multiple attractive women sound like a good time? If so, then you should be watching harem anime. 

Unlike, say, action or romance, the harem genre is hard to find outside of anime. But within the medium, there are plenty of great shows to choose from. Love your harem with a dose of horror? Try High School of the Dead. Prefer something a little more wholesome? Try The Quintessential Quintuplets. No matter your tastes, there are lots of great harem anime to choose from.

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    Highschool DxD
    Photo: Highschool DxD / TNK

    Issei Hyoudou is an average teenage boy who constantly has dirty thoughts and dreams of one day having his own harem. He doesn't have a whole lot of luck in the romance department, until one day a gorgeous girl asks him out. This girl turns out to be a fallen angel who takes his life. That sounds like terrible luck, but there's a twist - a beautiful demon named Rias Gremory revives him as her servant and has him join their school's Occult Research Club. 

    There, he meets a bunch of other supernatural ladies. His dreams of starting his own harem no longer seem quite so far-fetched. 

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    Date A Live

    Date A Live
    Photo: Date A Live / AIC PLUS+

    For 30 years, Europe and Asia have been plagued by a phenomenon called the “spatial quake” which has ended over 150 million people. These quakes aren't caused by natural forces. Instead, they're caused by the emotional upheavals of Spirits. 

    Shidou Itsuka, an ordinary teenage boy, is unexpectedly tasked with an unusual method of subduing them - make them fall in love with him. With the fate of the world hinging on his ability to form a harem, this one of the most dramatic harem anime out there.

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  • The Testament of Sister New Devil
    Photo: The Testament of Sister New Devil / Production IMS

    When Basara Toujou's dad introduces the Naruse sisters as Basara's new siblings, it seems like the most pressing issues will involve accidentally walking in on them in the bathroom. But things are a whole lot more complicated than that. The Naruse sisters are actually demons, which is a problem because Basara is a former member of a Hero clan dedicated to destroying them. 

    Instead of doing his Hero duty, Basara decides to protect his new family by forming a pact with Maria, the Demon Lord's daughter. With enemies on all sides, this is no easy task, but he's determined to do it anyway.

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    Trinity Seven
    Photo: Trinity Seven / Seven Arcs Pictures

    After Arata Kasuga's hometown, family, and friends suddenly disappear in the mysterious Breakdown Phenomenon, he uses a grimoire his cousin gave him to create an artificial town. 

    This doesn't last long. Lilith Asami soon notices that he has this grimoire, and she plans to take it from him or destroy him. Arata manages to convince her to let him keep it - but in exchange, he'll enroll in the Royal Biblia Academy, where he'll learn what he needs to learn if he wants to figure out what's going on and save his hometown.

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    Infinite Stratos
    Photo: Infinite Stratos / 8bit

    An exoskeletal weapon called the Infinite Stratos (IS) is immensely powerful, but it can only be piloted by women - with one exception, a teenage boy named Ichika Orimura. 

    Because of his unique status, he has no choice but to enroll in Infinite Stratos Academy, where he'll learn to use an IS effectively - and makes friends with the wide range of girls in attendance. 

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  • The Quintessential Quintuplets
    Photo: The Quintessential Quintuplets / Tezuka Productions

    When Uesugi Futaro is asked to tutor the Nakano quintuplets, he's not exactly thrilled at the notion. None of them are particularly studious or hardworking, and most of them seem to be failing their classes. He agrees because it pays well, and sets about trying to convince them to try. But he soon learns that he actually cares a lot about these girls and their academic success.

    Meanwhile, the girls are starting to care about Futaro too - in fact, they're all starting to fall in love with him. Can love possibly bloom without the relationship between the sisters falling apart?

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