The Most Memorable Quotes From 'Harold and Maude'

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The best Harold and Maude quotes prove what a great movie it is even if you haven't seen it in a while. Filled with inspiring one-liners and life affirming quotations. Starring Bud Cort as the young Harold and Ruth Gordon as the 79-year-old Maude, it was directed by Hal Ashby and was released in 1971. This cult classic is filled with dark humor while chronicling an offbeat coming-of-age story as Harold learns how to live life to its fullest from Maude. With both funny and sad lines it's time to determine which of these Harold and Maude quotes are the best with the help of your votes.

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    The Devil's Island

    Maude: Dreyfus once wrote from Devil's Island that he would see the most glorious birds. Many years later in Brittany he realized they had only been seagulls... for me they will always be glorious birds.


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    Harold Loves Maude

    Harold: Maude?

    Maude: Yeah?

    Harold: Here.

    Maude: A gift! (reading the engraving on the coin) "Harold loves Maude."... and Maude loves Harold. This is the nicest gift I've received in years.

    (she throws the stamped coin into the water and Harold gasps in surprise) 

    Maude: So I'll always know where it is.

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    Can't Let The World Judge You

    Maude: Harold, everyone has the right to make an a** out of themselves. You just can't let the world judge you too much.


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    Go And Love

    Harold: (crying) I love you!

    Maude: Oh, Harold... That's wonderful. Go and love some more.


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    Live Life Fully

    Maude: Vice, Virtue. It's best not to be too moral. You cheat yourself out of too much life. Aim above morality. If you apply that to life, then you're bound to live life fully.


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    Treated Like That

    Maude: I should like to change into a sunflower most of all. They're so tall and simple. What flower would you like to be?

    Harold: I don't know. One of these, maybe.

    Maude: Why do you say that?

    Harold: Because they're all alike.

    Maude: Oh, but they're not. Look. See, some are smaller, some are fatter, some grow to the left, some to the right, some even have lost some petals. All kinds of observable differences. You see, Harold, I feel that much of the world's sorrow comes from people who are this, (she points to a daisy) yet allow themselves be treated as that (she  points to the field of daisies).



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