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The Best Harpsichordists in the World

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Who is the world’s best harpsichordist? A very unique instrument that is a member of the strings family, and similar to the piano, the harpsichord is a unique musical instrument. Since mastering this instrument at a high level requires years and years of training, the artists who are considered the top truly deserve their spots on this list. Who are the best harpsichordists in the world?
The harpsichordists who are featured on this list are considered the greatest in the world today and even some of the best harpsichordists of all time. This list features artists from different genres and many have crossover many genres such as folk, country, classical, and contemporary.
This list features the world’s best harpsichordists alive today, including Tori Amos, Hendrik Bouman, and Emilie Autumn. Vote up the best harpsichordists below or add a musician you think is great, who isn't already on the list.