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25 Hogwarts-Inspired Gifts For The Potterheads In Your Life

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Check out the best Harry Potter-themed gift ideas for muggles of all ages. Like the characters from the wizarding world itself, the best gifts for Harry Potter fans come in all different shapes and sizes. While the movies and books have, unfortunately, been relocated to the annals of magical history, the enchanting world of Hogwarts lives on in J.K. Rowling’s latest Fantastic Beasts series, which takes place roughly 70 years before the Potter stories.

From adorable Snitch keychains to detailed castle replicas and more, you’re sure to find a few awesome Potterific presents for both kids and adults. While Hermione’s Time-Turner necklace is a great gift idea for teens, the magical nostalgia of LEGO’s Hogwarts Express makes an awesome centerpiece and is sure to be a hit with kids of all ages. And for Fantastic Beasts fans, there are plenty of great gift ideas here, too, including a detailed replica of Newt Scamander's suitcase, which features 'secret' compartments that act as various layers to help you pack more while taking up less space! Ingenious, isn't it?

Because everyone has at least one friend who’s obsessed with all things Harry Potter, take a look at these gifts and help win your friend’s heart this year.

  • Remote Control Wand
    Photo: Amazon

    A few minutes with this wand and you'll never look at your old remote the same. Because clicking is for muggles, this magical remote is compatible with most devices (including your speakers), and lets you change the channel, adjust the volume, and more with the simple flick of a wrist.

    Amazon reviewer teemarie wrote:

    Received this as a Christmas gift and OH MY DARK LORD I'M HOOKED! After a trial & error period and a well-spoken Alohomora Spell (and handing it over to my 20yr old son), we figured out how to program the commands. Surprise! No one had Confunded was a matter of reading ALL the directions vs". trying to "Ron Weasley" the situation with random whacking motions towards the TV.

    Transform your TV for $49.00

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  • Marauders Map Replica
    Photo: Amazon

    This detailed replica from the most famous map in Hogwarts is printed on quality parchment paper to give it a sort of timeless feeling. One look and you'll be amazed at how many little details have been included.

    Amazon reviewer J Evans wrote:

    This muggle was quite impressed with this map! The paper has a nice texture and weight to it with "stains". Opens up to show many treasures and details to read. I took my pictures here AFTER having the Phelps twins sign it- great item to have signed and framed! Packaged nicely and arrived in premium condition.

    Uncover a hidden secret for $23.40

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  • Baby Niffler Plush
    Photo: Amazon

    Now you can have your very own Niffler with this seriously fluffy plush. What's cool about this specific doll is that you can actually choose what color you want Niffler to come in, so if that purplish-gray coat isn't your cup of tea, you can order him in a neutral black. You'd be wrong if you did, but you still could.

    Amazon reviewer magni wrote:

    I did not realize it had a little pocket like a kangaroo. If I knew, I would have stashed something in there before I gave it to my wife. It is adorable.

    Squeeze your own Niffler for $19.95

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  • The Harry Potter Cookbook
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    Great for the budding chef and/or Potterhead in your life, this comprehensive cookbook includes 150 enchanting recipes to help whip up some of the meals from Hogwarts. Such delicacies include Molly's Meat Pies, Pumpkin Pasties, and, our personal favorite, Treacle Tart. Nom.

    Amazon reviewer Bradley Buford wrote:

    This cookbook is perfect for Harry Potter lovers. Although there is no butterbeer recipe (which was unfortunate) there are so many other great recipes! I loved how each recipe came with a description of how it was linked to Harry Potter and even a historical description about the recipe itself!

    Get cooking for only $10.95

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