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Harry Potter
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The Best Insults from Harry Potter

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List RulesVote up the sassiest lines and best burns from the entire Harry Potter franchise.

When you think of the Harry Potter franchise, you probably don't think of there being too many insults. The series is all about a young boy triumphing over adversity, but he doesn't get there easily and, along the way, he runs afoul of some nasty people who don't have a problem lobbing insult after insult at Harry and his friends.

Sure, there's the typical calling out of someone as a "Mudblood", but there are many more amazing Harry Potter insults and one-liners thrown around throughout the nine films in the series that deserve some attention. However, the list to follow features the best of the best, so prepare to be insulted like only a Muggle can with these brilliantly funny and clever lines from the Harry Potter franchise!

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