The Best Songs on Harry Styles's Album 'Harry's House'

Have you listened to Harry Styles's highly-anticipated third solo studio album Harry's House yet?! The English heartthrob and former member of One Direction expresses his greatest vulnerability yet throughout the entire album's 13-song track list. The record-breaking Billboard Hot 100 #1 hit single “As It Was” (aka the album's leading single) collected 8.3 million streamers in the U.S. within its first day, the most of any music artist ever. With a Coachella headlining gig under his belt and sold-out concert residencies in both Las Vegas and Los Angeles, not to mention a massive world tour, the millennial singer-songwriter's super-stardom is only bound to continue growing as this album inevitably takes the world by storm.

How do the album's songs compare to Harry Styles's greatest previous works? And which of these tracks will surpass the number of Spotify streams by “As It Was”? Vote up the best songs on Harry's House, and vote down the tracks that don't live up to Harry's top singles. 

  • Satellite
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    Best lyrics:

    You got a new life
    Am I bothering you? Do you wanna talk?
    We share the last line
    Then we drink the wall till we wanna talk

    I go round and round

    Spinnin' out, waitin' for ya to pull me in
    I can see you're lonely down there
    Don't you know that I am right here?

    • Producer: Kid Harpoon, Tyler Johnson
    590 votes
  • Matilda
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    Best lyrics:

    Matilda, you talk of the pain like it's all alright
    But I know that you feel like a piece of you's dead inside
    You showed me a power that is strong enough to bring Sun to the darkest days
    It's none of my business, but it's just been on my mind

    • Producer: Kid Harpoon, Tyler Johnson
    679 votes
  • Little Freak
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    546 VOTES

    Little Freak

    Best lyrics:

    Little freak, Jezebel
    You sit high atop the kitchen counter
    Stay green a little while
    You bring blue lights to dreams
    Starry haze, crystal ball
    Somehow you've become some paranoia
    A wet dream just dangling
    But your gift is wasted on me

    • Producer: Kid Harpoon, Tyler Johnson
    546 votes
  • Daylight
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    438 VOTES


    Best lyrics:

    You've got the antidote
    I'll take one to go-go, please
    Get the picture, cut out my middle
    You ain't got time for me right now

    If I was a bluebird, I would fly to you
    You'll be the spoon
    Dip you in honey so I could be sticking to you

    • Producer: Kid Harpoon, Tyler Johnson
    438 votes
  • Late Night Talking
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    466 VOTES

    Late Night Talking

    Best lyrics:

    Things haven't been quite the same
    There's a haze on the horizon, babe
    It's only been a couple of days and I miss you, mm, yeah
    And nothing really goes to plan
    You stub your toe or break your camera
    I'd do everything I can to help you through

    If you're feeling down, I just wanna make you happier, baby
    Wish I was around, I just wanna make you happier, baby

    • Producer: Kid Harpoon, Tyler Johnson
    466 votes
  • Love Of My Life
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    511 VOTES

    Love Of My Life

    Best lyrics:

    Baby, you were the love of my life
    Woah, maybe you don't know it's lost till you find it
    It's not what I wanted, to leave you behind
    Don't know where you'll land when you fly
    But ​baby, you were the love of my life

    It's unfortunate
    Just coordinates

    • Producer: Kid Harpoon, Tyler Johnson
    511 votes