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The Best Hatchbacks of All Time

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List RulesAll vehicles on this list must be top of the line Hatchbacks.

List of the best Hatchbacks of all time in terms of reliability, performance and looks, with photos. The Hatchback cars below are listed from best to worst, according to Ranker users, proving once and for all which are really the top Hatchbacks ever. Rankings of good Hatchback cars are often best left to fans and experts, which is why this list is votable. Make sure to upvote the best cars on this list to see them rise to the top. Share the list after re-ranking it to fit your opinions and making it votable to see how all your friends vote. You can click on the pictures of the best and coolest Hatchback vehicles to get more information about each model. In order to even be considered for this list, each auto must be the greatest Hatchback, with the most reliable background, not just one of the most famous Hatchbacks of all time. Thumbs up cars you like -- 2008 Mazda Mazdaspeed3 and 2012 Ford Focus 5-Door for example.This list answers the questions "what is the best Hatchback ever made?" and "what are the coolest Hatchbacks of all time?" Make sure to vote for the best hatchback vehicles of all time.{#nodes}