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Every October the world is blessed with the return of the Halloween season (which is better than Christmas, if you ask us). Halloween brings trick or treating, scary movies, and best of all, haunted houses. 

While most places around the country, and even the world, have haunted attractions, there's very few that can claim to be the home of entertainment. Los Angeles is the center of the action when it comes to movies and special effects, so it's no surprise that when Halloween starts up, you can find some of the best haunted attractions in the world in LA. 

With so many great haunted attractions to see in the greater Los Angeles area, how do you know which is the best? Well, we are here to help with that question. Below are some of the best haunted attractions in Los Angeles. Vote up all of your favorite attractions that you've been to, or vote up the ones you're dying to go see.

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    The Purge: Breakout

    The Purge: Breakout
    Photo: uploaded by Jet Set Nerds

    The Purge: Breakout event toured the country in correlation with the release of

    The Purge: Anarchy and was continued through Halloween in Los Angeles.

    This breakout room is not a maze. Nothing is popping out to scare you, but you have to solve a puzzle within 30 minutes to save your group from becoming the next victims of the annual purge (a time when all crime, including murder, is legal). With teamwork and diligence, you can find a way out. Otherwise, you'll be trapped forever. Groups as large as six are allowed in, though you rarely see anyone come out. 

    We love this unassuming attraction and highly suggest it.

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    Halloween Horror Nights

    Halloween Horror Nights
    Photo: uploaded by Jet Set Nerds
    Halloween Horror Nights at Universal combines the magic of Universal Studios theme park with the talent of horror movie masters to create terrifying mazes that put you inside your favorite scary films as well as experience the rides and scare zones you'd expect from the park.
    If you are headed to Halloween Horror Nights, here are some attractions to look out for:
    5) From Dusk Til Dawn Maze
    4) Skullz Scarezone
    3) Mask-a-Raid Scarezone
    2) Clowns 3D Maze
    1) American Werewolf in London Maze
    *Honorable mention to the tunnel zombies popping out of rocks in The Walking Dead Maze
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    Delusion: Lies Within

    Delusion: Lies Within
    Photo: uploaded by Jet Set Nerds

    Delusion: Lies Within is a wholly unique experience. Instead of going through a traditional maze and being able to run away from the scares, Delusion is a fully interactive play, meaning that you can't leave. Well, you can, but you would missing some of the most incredible uses of special effects, makeup, and magic tricks that make everything feel lifelike. 

    This is the third year for Delusion, and it's gotten so huge that it is sold out for it's entire run (Yeah, you can't even get tickets to this, so hopefully you got them already).
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  • Knott's Scary Farm
    Photo: uploaded by Jet Set Nerds

    Knott's Scary Farm has everything you would want in a Halloween attraction: thrilling roller coasters, scare zones, a lot of fog, live shows, and interactive mazes. It's what you'd expect from the venue that started it all by being the first haunt in Southern California. 

    The skeleton key, which is an additional purchase to the regular pass, is unique to Knott's and grants you front-of-the-line access to attractions and additional special themed interactive rooms within mazes. With skeleton key access, you will experience getting locked in a coffin, watching a shoot-out, meeting Harry Houdini's ghost, and cricket eating (yum?). We highly suggest purchasing the skeleton key, as the special access was definitely the best part of each of these mazes.

    Here are some other awesome attractions to look out for at Knott's Scary Farm:

    5) Fog & The Pig Ladies in the Ghost Town Scare Zone

    4) Black Magic Maze & Key Room

    3) Voodoo Maze & Key Room

    2) Special Ops Infected (Shoot Zombies with Laser Guns)

    1) Elvira's Big Top Show

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    Queen Mary's Dark Harbor

    Queen Mary's Dark Harbor
    Photo: uploaded by Jet Set Nerds

    What better place for a haunt then a famously haunted ship?

    Over six mazes, a haunted tour, swings from Michael Jackson's estate, a hookah lounge, live entertainment and performances, strange and delicious foods, and roaming monsters make the Queen Mary a Halloween destination for all ages and scare levels, year after year.

    Some of the best parts of Dark Harbor this year include:

    5) Fried Oreos & Twinkies

    4) The New B340 Maze

    3) The New Voodoo Maze

    2) The New Soul Mate Maze

    1) Freak Show Maze

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    Los Angeles Haunted Hayride

    Los Angeles Haunted Hayride
    Photo: uploaded by Jet Set Nerds

    The Los Angeles Haunted Hayride is a classic haunt that has been going on for a while now. This event is put on by the same group of folks that put on the annual Great Horror Campout, which puts campers in a fully immersed world of terror for one night. That being said, they certainly know how to scare the pants off of people. 

    The main attraction is the hayride, where riders get to experience 20 minutes of terror as the stuff of nightmares comes to life all around them (just because you are sitting on a trailer doesn't mean you're safe). Each year, this event gets more and more terrifyingly beautiful, and this year is no different. 

    The Los Angeles Hayride grounds also house two mazes (The In-Between Dark maze, which has you navigating through pitch black with only the aid of a tiny lantern, and the new House of the Horsemen, which takes you through the apocalypse) as well as the new Seven Sins Sideshow. 

    Definitely a must-see. 
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