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The moment September 1st hits, Halloween hotspots in America begin to spring up like flowers in May – except in this case it's frights in the fall. But the sheer volume of scary Halloween attractions makes it hard to determine the best haunted house in your state, and the greatest scares often get lost among the duds.

Thankfully, the Internet knows all the top haunted attractions in every state. These haunts can often skew extreme, and many utilize professional level special effects and acting in order to give you the best Hallow's Eve possible. The top haunted attractions in every state rank among some of America's best haunted houses, striking fear into the hearts of citizens from sea to shining sea.

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Burial Chamber In Wisconsin

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Few things sound more terrifying than being buried alive, but that's exactly what they provide as an attraction at Burial Chamber in Appleton. And while yes, they do have traditional haunted houses, the burial simulators are easily what the bravest thrill-seekers will want to try.

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Asylum 49 In Utah

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At Tooele's Asylum 49, expect to be manhandled because these actors can touch you. If you're in the mood for something less physical, the attraction also offers ghost tours of the asylum, which are likely just as unsettling.

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Frightland In Delaware


More than just a haunted house, Middletown's Frightland also features a haunted hayride along with amusement park attractions. The whole site centers around the mysterious life and death of Dr. Idalia, who conducted experiments on human fear. Sounds like a real charmer.

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Skeleton's Lair In Kentucky

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At the Skeleton's Lair in Scottsville, participants get the chance to enter five different haunted attractions, including the Doomsday Doll Factory of haunted toys.

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