What's the Greatest Hawaii Movie of All Time?

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Movies must be set in Hawaii, as opposed to simply filmed in Hawaii. Vote up the best movies with Hawaii as a focal point.

With beautiful landscapes, big waves, and an often easy-going vibe, it's no wonder why movies set in Hawaii make the state look so appealing. Sure, not every Hawaii movie boasts a perfect setting or happy tone, but some of the greatest movies based in Hawaii are certainly more light-hearted. Regardless, some great movies have been based in the Aloha State (as opposed to filmed in Hawaii) and you can find the best of them right here. 

When it comes to the best Hawaii movies, Adam Sandler might come to mind for many, as he's done three big-time movies set here, including Punch-Drunk-Love, 50 First Dates, and Just Go With It—he must really love those Hawaiian beaches. Keeping with the comic side of things, Forgetting Sarah Marshall with Jason Segel has got to be a top Hawaii movie, complete with drama, romance, and humor. Of course, you also have some with more serious tones, like the war film Pearl Harbor, as well as hit drama The Descendants. But who could forget the classic Disney flick, Johnny Tsunami? Simply put, there are some great Hawaii movies out there—what's your favorite?

Check out the list of movies set in Hawaii below and vote up the best ones, whether they depict the vacation hot spot it is or the darker side of the Aloha State.

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