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The Coolest Candy From Hawaii

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In addition to clear skies, wonderful weather, and great food, Hawaii is also home to some of the coolest candies in the world. The Hawaiian Islands have long been a place where the locals have enjoyed fruity-sweet delicacies, and over the years, numerous types of sweets and candies have popped up for locals and visitors alike. 

However, unlike, say, Mexico and Germany, Hawaiian sweets tend to steer away from traditional chocolatey flavors and instead feature sour candies that pack sweet and salty flavors. From coconut candies to hibiscus mints and even shredded fish, the best Hawaiian candy is both fresh, unique, and incredibly delicious.

Whether you're from Hawaii or have just visited, odds are you've had some of these treats while you were there. Find your favorite sweets and candy brands below and vote them up to see which of these popular treats rises to the top! Is your favorite Hawaiian sweet or candy brand missing? Add it to the list!

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