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The Best Hawkeye Storylines In Comics

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Hawkeye is one of the longest-serving Avengers, and a fan favorite, yet he remains a vastly underrated character among Marvel Comics’ cadre of characters. Clint Barton’s character has been established by a number of classic Hawkeye storylines, many of which focus on his time as a member of the Avengers. However, the best Hawkeye comics are his solo adventures, and it's these Hawkeye story arcs that have most defined the Arching Avenger.

Clint started out as an antagonist to Iron Man, but all of Hawkeye’s greatest adventures have taken place after his turn to superheroics. This face-turn occurred when Clint Barton joined the second edition of the Avengers, and he managed to establish himself as a significant enough character to star in several series of solo Hawkeye comic books. Fans came to appreciate the sheer willpower of a man who went into battle with ancient gods and genocidal robots, armed with nothing more than a bow and arrow.

  • Issues: Avengers #16

    Writer: Stan Lee

    Artist: Jack Kirby

    Hawkeye debuted in an Iron Man comic, but he became a mainstream success with the 16th issue of Avengers, which saw the team rebooted into “Cap’s Kooky Quartet.” All of the original Avengers retired, leaving Captain America to form a new team with three former villains—Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, and Quicksilver. Hawkeye’s rebellious attitude and friendly rivalry with Cap were already clearly established in this early story, and established his personality for decades to come.

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  • Issues: Avengers Annual #16

    Writer: Tom DeFalco

    Artists: Bob Hall and Tom Palmer

    This jumbo-sized annual saw the Avengers captured by the Grandmaster and forced to fight an army of characters that were dead at that point in continuity, including the Green Goblin, Drax the Destroyer, and Captain Marvel.

    In the end, only Captain America and Hawkeye were left standing, and Clint Barton saves the day by challenging the Grandmaster to a wager and then cheating his way to victory. It's totally classic Hawkeye.

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  • Issues: Wolverine #66–72, Giant-Size Old Man Logan #1

    Writer: Mark Millar

    Artist: Steve McNiven

    Old Man Logan is a modern comic book classic, set in an alternate future where most of the heroes are dead and villains rule the world. Wolverine ends up on a cross-country road trip accompanied by a blind and elderly Hawkeye, who is still highly competent despite his handicap, and now more predilected to use... deadly measures. The two end up taking on all manner of threats, including a symbiote-infused Tyrannosaurus rex and President Red Skull.

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  • Issues: Hawkeye Vs Deadpool #0-4

    Writer: Gerry Duggan

    Artist: Matteo Lolli

    Miniseries featuring Deadpool taking on (or teaming up with) various other members of the Marvel Universe come out all the time, and Hawkeye was one such guest star of honor. The series saw Hawkeye and Deadpool go through the usual process of fighting each other and then joining forces, and it really allowed Clint Barton to show off his comedy chops.

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