The Best HBO Miniseries Of All Time
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The Best HBO Miniseries Of All Time

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The best HBO miniseries tell their tale in a limited number of episodes, but that doesn't mean their impact is less than a long-running show. From period dramas to speculative fiction, HBO miniseries continue to hold their weight as television events in a world that is more and more frequently split by streaming and network attentions and produce some of the best new miniseries on any network.

Since their first miniseries in 1979, The Seekers, HBO has turned out many beautiful historical drama limited series. The much-acclaimed 2001 Band Of Brothers was about the drama of war while From Earth To The Moon awed audiences with its special effects and accurate telling of the Apollo program. It isn't just docudramas that fill HBO's miniseries programming schedule, there are also adaptations of novels, such as Sharp Objects, Olive Kitteridge, and Empire Falls. The adaptation of the play Angels in America not only won a Golden Globe and an Emmy for its category, but stars Al Pacino and Meryl Streep each won a Golden Globe and an Emmy for their performances in the miniseries as well.

With so many great miniseries and limited series from HBO, which stand out the most? Vote up the top miniseries to air on HBO, and check back as we update the list with new shows, including some of the best new HBO documentaries.

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