The Best Healthy Breakfast Foods

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List of the best healthy breakfast foods, as ranked by nutritionists and food enthusiasts. Breakfast is often given the label of the most important meal of the day and a strong, healthy breakfast is the finest way to start your day off right. Breakfast is the meal that can give you the energy to survive the day. If you begin your day with a heavy breakfast filled with sugary syrup and tons of bread products like buttery toast and pancakes, you may feel sluggish. If you don’t eat breakfast at all your mind may be in a sleepy fog the entire day. A healthy breakfast filled with protein and other nutrients is the best way to ensure you’ll be on the top of your game.

Breakfast foods like eggs, low-fat dairy products, and fruit are energy-boosters. In order to prepare for a tough exam or an important work meeting, a healthy breakfast is essential. The foods on this list can be mixed and matched to comprise a low calorie, nutrient-rich, healthy breakfast that will keep mind sharp.

What are the best healthy breakfast foods? This list features breakfast foods for every type person and every sort of day, from whole grain pancakes to cottage cheese. Whatever your preferences, these breakfast foods will give you the boost you need. If you know of any healthy breakfast choices that aren't on this list of the top healthy breakfast food choices, make sure to add them.

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