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The Best Heavy Metal Albums of 2019

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Updated: Check out the best new heavy metal albums of 2020!

From progressive metal to symphoneic metal and everything in between, the best heavy metal albums of 2019 provide the perfect reason to rock out at 11. Each year a new collection of metal albums emerges and time will tell which record becomes the release that defines 2019. Fast tempos, raucous riffs, and gnarly vocals combine in the best new heavy metal albums of 2019.

Featuring everyone from Avantasia to Within Temptation, the best 2019 metal albums were created by the top names in the game.

Which metal album do you think will go down in history as the best of 2019? Check out this list and vote the best releases up to the top spot. Please feel free to add any great full-length heavy metal records we may have missed.

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