The Most Terrifying Quotes From 'Hellraiser'

The best quotes from Hellraiser prove that it's  a great  horror film even if you haven't seen it in a while. There are plenty of heavy hitters in the horror genre. Michael Myers, Jason Voorhes, and Freddie Kruger are just a few of the names that have persevered throughout the years. However, for some horror fans, those guys don't hold a candle to Pinhead from Hellraiser. The suspense and music certainly play a role in the movie's longevity, but you can't overlook the impact of its cool one-liners, memorable lines, and other famous Hellraiser movie quotes. 

How much of the film can you recite my memory? Vote up the lines that you think are the best Hellraiser quotes. Just make sure the coast is clear of any Cenobites first.