The 20 Best Hero Costumes In ‘My Hero Academia,’ Ranked

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One of the coolest things about My Hero Academia is that everyone is wearing an elaborate costume. While some of them are a bit lackluster, others are fantastic.

The best hero costumes worn by pro heroes and students alike not only convey an aesthetic that suits the wearer's quirk and personality, but also have equipment and features that help them fight. Ochaco Uraraka's suit looks adorable, but it also helps her use her gravity-based quirk without getting sick. Meanwhile, other BNHA hero costume ideas are great because they're totally unexpected - Best Jeanist may be the only anime character who wears jeans on his face, and he's certainly the only one who can get away with it. 

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  • Hawks's Aviator Outfit
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    Hawks's outfit has some features that serve him well when using his quirk - slits in the back of his jacket to accommodate his wings, headphones and an eye shield to protect him while flying, and so on. 

    Aesthetically, it's also extremely cool. He looks simultaneously relaxed and highly stylized, which is a perfect combo for his personality. 

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  • Bakugo's Hero Costume
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    Bakugo's costume is eye-catching and badass, which is perfect for a hero who calls himself Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight. It also does a great job of harnessing the power of his dangerous quirk while keeping him from getting hurt. 

    The bracers on his arms store his sweat so it can be used to create explosions, while also preventing him from taking recoil damage.  

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    Midoriya's Hero Costume

    Midoriya's hero costume has gone through a lot of changes over time. Most of its adaptations involve finding ways to optimize how much strength he can put into his attacks while decreasing his risk of injury. These are repeatedly upgraded or altered, in part because they keep getting destroyed during battle. Each time, they're built to accommodate even more power, since Izuku's strength just keeps increasing. 

    It's a fluidly evolving costume that reflects his growth, but at its heart, it's still the basic design that his mother lovingly made for him when he started out at UA.

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  • Kirishima's Hero Costume
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    Being shirtless is a good move for Kirishima, since his hardened skin could tear up normal clothes. But he does start wearing black sleeves on his arms that resist tearing in order to avoid accidentally harming civillians and allies with his quirk.

    Aside from that, his costume is mostly aesthetic. It makes him look kind of like an oni, which is badass.

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  • Tsuyu's Hero Costume
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    Tsuyu's green and black costume is sleek and cool while perfectly reflecting her froggy nature. It works in tandem with her quirk by literally changing color if she uses her camoflage abilities, making those abilities much more effective. 

    The ring around her neck and lining on the inside of her suit have temperature-regulating features that help her recover if she gets too cold or overheated. 

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    Edgeshot's Hero Costume

    Edgeshot's Hero Costume
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    Edgeshot looks less like a standard superhero and more like an exceptionally cool rogue ninja from Naruto. 

    It's not clear what his costume is made of that allows it to fold and change with his body when he uses his quirk, but whatever it is, it does the job right. 

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