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The 15 Best Hero Support Items In ‘My Hero Academia,’ Ranked

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Without the right support item, even the most powerful quirk may not be able to be used effectively in fights. Without his Grenadier Bracers, Katsuki Bakugo might have blown off his hands - and that goes double for Izuku Midoriya and his Full Gauntlet. Shota Aizawa's quirk is impressive, but it's pretty hard to use if he can't hold his opponent in place, which is why his scarf-like capturing tool is so useful for Pro Hero work.

These are far from the only awesome support items in My Hero Academia, but they are among the best.

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    Artificial Vocal Cords

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    Hitoshi Shinso's quirk lets him control his target's actions when they respond to his voice. That's great if his opponent doesn't know what's coming, but if his quirk is well-known, it's easily avoided.

    That's where his Artificial Vocal Cords come in. They change the sound of his voice in order to trick his target into responding. His voice is transformed using a series of plates, which circumvent the fact that his quirk doesn't work when he uses normal speakers - those transform his voice into electrical energy. 

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    Capturing Weapon

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    Aizawa's quirk, Erasure, is an incredibly useful ability with a wide range of uses. One thing it's not especially useful for is offense. That's why he relies on a support item.

    It looks like a scarf, but it's actually made from carbon fiber and a special metal alloy. He uses it to capture and immobilize his targets, making it much easier for him to use his quirk on them if needed.

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    Grenadier Bracers

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    With a quirk like Explosion, Katsuki Bakugo needs some sort of support item if he wants to manage it safely. His Grenadier Bracers protect him from the recoil and impact of his quirk. 

    But they aren't just protective - they also dramatically enhance the power of his blasts by storing his nitroglycerin-like sweat. Using the gauntlets, his blasts have proven strong enough to take down a building.

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    Full Gauntlet

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    The destructive power of One For All requires a whole lot of support to keep it from destroying the user's body. Izuku has gone through several different support items that help him regulate his quirk, but one of the most effective is the Full Gauntlet, which was created by Melissa Shield.

    This item looks like a red wristband, but turns into a glove when activated. It allows him to fight with 100% of his power up to three times in a row without hurting himself, and lets him do even more when he uses his quirk at a lower percentage. 

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