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The 14 Greatest Hero Vs. Hero Fights In Anime History

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Heroes don't have skirmishes with other villains exclusively - sometimes, one hero has to fight another, especially in anime. In fact, many epic scenes involve anime heroes fighting each other. They are often complex and nuanced, which makes anime heroes battling one another all the more interesting.

Often, hero vs. hero anime fights involve two objectively good people who want vastly different things. Other times, the argument is due to a misunderstanding. It's not always complicated, though - sometimes, heroes just want to test their skill level, like when Genos and Saitama of One Punch Man spar to see how strong Saitama truly is.

Whatever the reason, there's no denying that these epic anime battles are series highlights.

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    Kenshin Himura Vs. Hajime Saito - 'Rurouni Kenshin'

    Kenshin Himura and Hajime Saito are two fierce foes with a yearslong rivalry. When Saito tries to fight Kenshin in an effort to join a coalition to defeat Shishio, he becomes distracted. Instead of sticking to the original mission, Saito shifts his focus toward trying to prove his strength against Kenshin. The fight is so extreme that Kenshin taps into his suppressed strength from his Hitokiri Battousai days.

    The fight ends when Okubo Toshimichi steps in. He asks them to stop fighting and work together for the good of their nation. Both Kenshin and Saito are good people who value helping others, so they put their conflict to the side for the greater good.

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    Olivier Armstrong Vs. Alex Armstrong - 'Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood'

    Olivier Armstrong isn't going to be sidelined by her own family. When her father announces his plan to pass control of the family's affairs to her brother Alex because he's the only son, Olivier tries to argue her case with logic. Her father doesn't want to hear it - instead, he tells Olivier and Alex to fight for the title.

    This could have been a dramatic moment, but the creators opted for humor instead. Olivier and Armstrong beat their chests and throw each other into walls, while the rest of the family chats happily about their vacation plans in the background. Olivier emerges victorious and assumes control over the family - including, presumably, the repairs on the house she just tore apart.

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    Genos Vs. Saitama - 'One Punch Man'

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    The battle between Saitama and Genos isn't due to a major rift between the two heroes - it's a sparring match designed to figure out just how powerful Saitama truly is. Saitama starts the fight by dodging Genos's attacks. This annoys Genos, who wants his mentor to take the battle seriously.

    Eventually, Saitama steps it up a notch. He sends one of his death punches straight toward Genos's face. Saitama stops just short of killing him, and instead blasts a hole through multiple mountains.

    Genos is shocked and impressed by his mentor's raw power, but all Saitama really cares about is grabbing lunch.

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    Yugi Muto Vs. The Pharaoh - 'Yu-Gi-Oh!'

    At the end of Yu-Gi-Oh!, Yugi Muto and Atem, the ancient Egyptian spirit who's been living in his body since the show's start, must duel against each other for the first and last time. If Yugi wins, the pharaoh's spirit will finally be laid to rest. If Atem wins, he must stay on earth for another 5,000 years.

    Neither one wants to leave the other, but Atem also wants to properly rest his soul. They decide to play the game to the best of their abilities, letting their skills speak for themselves. After a long and emotional battle, Yugi wins using Silent Magician LV5, and the two prepare to say goodbye forever.

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