The Best Hershey Bar Flavors

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All chocolate bars made by the Hershey Company.

A list of the Best Hershey Bar Flavors. Are you wondering what new and exciting Hershey Bar flavors are available now to try? Browse through our list of all the different Hershey Bar flavors. Listed in order from most popular Hershey Bar flavor to the least popular, it is easy to see which Hershey Bar flavors are the favorites. You can add a different flavor of Hershey's chocolate if your favorite Hershey Bar isn’t on the list, and you can also vote for your favorite flavor of Hershey Bar to get it ranked higher on the list. Or, you can copy and paste this list of the best Hershey's bar flavors to make your very own list of favorite Hershey Bars.

Most people enjoy the mouthwatering goodness of Hershey Bars, and they are a much-loved treat worldwide. However, they have gotten even better with the many different varieties and flavors to choose from, making this candy an even bigger favorite with consumers. From plain delicious chocolate flavors to chocolate with nuts added, no matter which type of tastes you prefer, you are sure to find a favorite with a Hershey Bar.

So go ahead and glance at this list of popular Hershey Bar flavors, see which ones you haven’t tried yet, and go buy yourself a new-flavored Hershey bar for a new favorite Hershey chocolate snack.
Most divisive: Hershey's Special Dark Miniatures
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