The Best HGTV Star Winners, Ranked

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Some of the most popular HGTV Star winners have gone on to become incredibly successful celebrity designers. A combination of personality and design skills landed the people below in the top spot on Home & Garden Television's reality competition show. Who are the best HGTV Design Star winners? Help decide below!

These interior designers and decorators have a good reason to want to win, as they're competing to launch and host a new design show on HGTV. The best winners of HGTV Star have shows that go on to run multiple seasons, a chance they wouldn't have had without winning the show. While most people know David Bromstad from shows like Color Splash and My Lottery Dream Home, he actually got his start as the Season 1 winner. He even went on to be a mentor and host for the same show he won, years later. You'll find these and other great contestants below on this list of HGTV Star winners. Vote the best designers to the top!

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    A post shared by David Bromstad (@bromco) on


    Winner: Season 1 (2006)

    Winning Show: Color Splash

    Subsequent career:

    • Became a mentor for HGTV Star season 6 and both host and mentor for season 7.
    • Also hosts Color Splash Miami, which premiered in 2010.
    • Also hosts My Lottery Dream Home, which premiered in 2015
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    Tiffany Brooks


    A post shared by Tiffany Brooks-HGTV-DESIGNER (@tiffanybrooksinteriors) on


    Winner: Season 8 (2013)

    Winning Show: The Most Embarrassing Rooms in America

    Subsequent career:

    • Had work appear in  Essence, Chicago (Interiors) Luxury, and Uptown.
    • Named one of the nation's Top 20 African American Interior Designers.
    • Hosted HGTV Smart Home 2016.
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    Emily Henderson


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    Winner: Season 5 (2010)

    Winning Show: Secrets from A Stylist

    Subsequent career:

    • Has written Styled: Secrets for Arranging Rooms, from Tabletops to Bookshelves
    • Owns and manages a team of interior designers and a lifestyle website.
    • Runs popular design blog Style: By Emily Henderson.
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    Antonio Ballatore


    A post shared by Antonio Ballatore (@aballatore) on


    Winner: Season 4 (2009)

    Winning Show: The Antonio Treatment

    Subsequent career:

    • Hosted three seasons of The Antonio Treatment.
    • Created "Born With A Tail," a brand of apparel and accessories for humans and pets.
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    Kim Myles


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    Winner: Season 2 (2007)

    Winning Show: Myles of Style

    Subsequent career:

    • Appeared on HGTV'd, a surprise home makeover show.
    • Has been on OWN's Home Made Simple, winning an Emmy for Best Daytime Lifestyle Program.
    • Worked with Chevorlet as designer of the Chevy UpGrade Me series.
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    Danielle Colding


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    Winner: Season 7 (2012)

    Winning Show: Shop This Room

    Subsequent career:

    • Appeared in Celebrity Holiday Homes and Yard Takeover.
    • Participated in Housing Works' Design on a Dime charity event.
    • Continued running her full-service interior design firm.
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