Surprise! It's The Best Hidden Camera Reality Shows

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Vote up your favorite reality shows that focus on the stories told by hidden cameras.

The best hidden camera shows offer voyeuristic delight. Combining the fun of pranks and practical jokes with the hilarity of watching someone realize they're being set up for a joke, hidden camera shows consistently deliver the laughs.  Although prank shows might be the first kind of hidden camera TV show you think of, there are even serious hidden camera series that are no laughing matter, although they offer the same sneak peek into the lives of others.

Cheaters might be one of the best known non-prank hidden camera shows, using concealed cameras to expose lies in long-term relationships. Even hidden camera prank shows aren't always in it for the laughs - series such as Scare Tactics and Prank Encounters focus on scaring folks and filming their reactions. Other hidden camera series are more like game shows, with contestants racing to see who can be fired first (Fire Me... Please) or performing weird tasks in front of strangers as guided by an earpiece (Game Show in My Head).  Even with all the possible variations of hidden camera TV shows, straight forward practical joke series are some of the most popular, such as Impractical Jokers and Candid Camera.

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