The Best High-End Restaurant Chains

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This is a list of the best high end restaurant chains. While you may usually choose inexpensive restaurants for your normal lunches and dinners out, every once in a while, it’s nice to treat yourself and your family to a fancy meal. If you’re celebrating a birthday or promotion, a top-grade restaurant is the best way to commemorate. When you’re trying to impress an important client, a high-end chain restaurant is a good way to illustrate how important their business is to you. Maybe you just want to treat yourself after a long, stressful week with a well-made cocktail and steak dinner. No matter the reason, first-class restaurants are the perfect method to show off and enjoy yourself.

The fine dining chain restaurants on this list make high-quality food in an atmosphere that’s sure to impress potential business partners, family members, and friends. Restaurants like Ruth’s Chris Steak House and The Melting Pot offer ambiance perfect for a romantic dinner, whether you’re on a first date or celebrating a 20th anniversary.

If you’ve been wondering, “What are the best high end chain restaurants?” this list has the top choices. The restaurants on this list are known for their upscale feel, top notch food, and amazing cocktails for any type of meal.

Most divisive: Outback Steakhouse
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