The Best Highflyers In Wrestling History

The High Flyers are some of the most athletic and thoroughly entertaining superstars in all of wrestling. That's why we've curated this list of the best highflyers in wrestling history. These are the greatest high fliers of all time. After all, what would wrestling be if not for the guys and gals that dare to climb to the top rope, or the top of a ladder, or the top of a cage, or the top of... everything (Shane McMahon, Jeff Hardy) and leap off? Leap off and not only just hope for the best, but execute without a doubt the most exciting maneuvers that the world of wrestling has ever seen (or maybe hasn't seen).

When thinking about adding wrestlers to this list, Rankermaniacs, try and keep it to wrestlers, divas, WWE Superstars, WHATEVER, that used aerial assaults as a part of their main arsenal. For example: Let's not count The Undertaker even though he did jump over the top rope... a lot, we wouldn't consider him a "high flier." You catch my drift?

So, vote for your favorite high fliers right now! Who is the best high flier in wrestling history?
Photo: Metaweb / CC-BY
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