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The 15 Best High School Romance Anime

Updated 23 Jun 2019 12.1k votes 2.8k voters 61.5k views15 items

High school is well-known for being the most common setting for anime romance - to the point where older fans lament the lack of romance in any other context. It's popular for a reason - high school is the time when many people have their first experience with romance. In high school romance anime, emotions are heightened and stakes are high, which is great from a storytelling perspective. 

But just because something is super popular doesn't mean that every example of the genre is good. Even if you love high school romance, you still might not like everything the genre has to offer. This list describes some of the best romance anime about high school life.

Which one will appeal to you depends on your personal preferences. If you like a little humor with your romance, Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun is a great choice. Prefer something super dramatic where everyone is miserable all the time? Try Scum's Wish. Want an LGBTQ+ romance? Watch Bloom Into YouEach of these shows has its own take on youth and love, so try out whichever one interests you.

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