The Best Highway Cars for Long Distance Driving

The best cars for long distance driving is a list of the most fuel efficient cars based on Highway MPG with results provided by Consumer Reports. For pricing and information on fuel efficient cars near you, click here or on any car name! Over a dozen cars have been included, with photos. If fuel economy is key, and you're the type who does most of their driving on freeways, highways, and toll roads then these are the cars for you. While many of these cars may appear small, some of their interiors provide surprisingly ample space - which is a blessing for long commutes, especially if you are carpooling. The electric cars top this list followed by the hybrids and then diesels and other more traditional gas fueled cars. These automobiles will handle any commute and go easy on your wallet along the way.

What are the best highway cars? What cars are best for long distance driving? Which cars get the best hwy MPG? With the green revolution in full force many consumers are looking for green alternatives to their daily drive and any one of these cars if a great choice. Although MPG should be a very strong factor in their decisions there are also other considerations to make. For example the Nissan Leaf is a great car but for commuters it may not be the optimal choice simple because the EPA reports the range of it to be only 73 miles.

Those who drive with a lead foot may experience even lower mileage before having to recharge. If you like the size of the Nissan Leaf and you want to see some more cars like it see the list of greenest subcompact cars. If highway driving isn't your thing and you want something more suited to an city environment check out the best city cars for urban driving 2010 list.