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The Very Best Hiking Shoe Brands

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It's time to hit the trails! Any time is a great time to throw on your hiking shoes and get out into the wilderness. Like any good Girl Scout or Boy Scout, you'll want to be prepared, and that means checking out our list of the best hiking shoes brands. 

You'll want to match your hiking boot to the type of terrain you'll be encountering. Are you going on a week-long backpacking excursion up giant rocky mountains or just a light day-hike through on a local trail? Are you going to be treading through water? Then you might want to pick waterproof hiking shoes. Wherever you plan to roam, your shoe should be chosen accordingly.

Brands like Merrell, Ahnu, and Arc'teryx offer a range of heavy-duty to lightweight hiking shoe options for men, women, and children. More familiar sports brands like Nike, Adidas, and New Balance have also gotten into the hiking shoe game. Regardless of the brand, you'll want to pick the best shoe for you: one that provides comfort and stability for any hike. Good hiking shoes are essential for making sure you stay safe, dry, and ready to tackle any type of obstacle. Women's hiking shoes and men's hiking shoes offer different types of support, but the brands on this list have great options for hikers of the female and male variety. 

So before you pack your bags and throw on your old sneakers, check out our list of the best hiking shoes brands. Vote up the brand that makes you feel as if you could hike forever!