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The 20 Greatest Himedere Anime Characters of All Time

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What, you may ask, is a himedere anime character? To find out, let's take a look at the word itself. Hime is a Japanese word that means princess, while dere refers to deredere, which means lovey dovey. These characters usually possess something that allows them to believe that they're better than the people around them, be it wealth, talent, power, or beauty. They behave arrogantly and put other people down, but deep inside they do want to connect with others. Depending on which anime they appear in, they may learn a lesson in humility, or the deeper reasons for their behavior are explored - or they may just be there for comic relief and not change much over the course of the series. 

While some -dere types are gender inclusive, himederes are exclusively female. The male equivalent is an oujidere, an arrogant guy who thinks he's better than everyone else and should be treated like a prince. With that in mind, it's time to put the spotlight on himedere anime girls.

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    Erina Nakiri - Food Wars!

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    Not only was Erina Nakiri born rich she was also born talented - in fact, she's one of the greatest chefs of her generation. What's more, she totally knows it. 

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    Sena Kashiwazaki's himedere personality makes it hard for her to make friends, which is why she joined the Neighbors' Club. Because she's beautiful, boys tend to worship her, and she sees them as easily manipulated doormats - meanwhile, she thinks she's superior to most of the girls she meets, so she can't actually form connections with them.

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    Lilith Bristol - Absolute Duo

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    Lilith Bristol is a wealthy transfer student from England who can manifest complicated weapons out of thin air in a world where most people can only create simple ones. She has no desire to interact with anyone whose powers don't match up to hers and will dismiss anyone who doesn't meet her standards.

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  • Haruhi is more than just a princess - she's a literal god. While she doesn't realize exactly how much power she has, she does expect everyone to cater to her whims and make the world a more interesting place for her. 

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