The Best Hip Hop Collaborations of 2018

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Only songs released in 2018 that feature more than one rapper.

Updated: Check out the best new rap collabs of 2019!

Few genres of music feature artists so often working together like that of rap. In other words, hip hop collaborations are more common and that any other type of music, with new, multi-artist songs dropping each year—or month for that matter. As you can imagine, plenty of popular rappers put their minds together in 2018, creating some of the year's best songs. Whether one artist writes the song or they all work together on the track, some of the best rap songs to date are collabs. 

Of all the hip hop collaborations of 2018, which new songs were the best? Think carefully, because there were some good ones. The first that may come to mind could be Drake and Migos's "Walk It Talk It", not to mention "Freaky Friday" by Chris Brown and Lil Dicky. Each of these rap collaborations featuring the hottest rappers can be heard blasting from cars and houses aplenty. Of course, 2018 brought a plethora of other killer collabs. 

Check out the list of 2018 hip hop collaborations below and vote up your favorite songs. Feel free to any new rap songs featuring guest artists, but only if they're rappers. 

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