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The Best Hip Hop Songs of 2014

Updated June 14, 2019 7.7k votes 972 voters 32.6k views39 items

List RulesOnly singles/charting hip hop songs released in 2014.

Whether you like your hip hop underground, mainstream, or somewhere in between, you've got to admit 2014 was an insanely great year for the genre. Kendrick Lamar and Drake offered up reliably excellent new hip hop singles, Nicki Minaj and Iggy Izalea pretty much dominated the charts, and vets like Lil Wayne and G-Unit (unexpectedly) came back hard. This list of the top hip hop songs of 2014 rounds up the best singles and charting tracks released during the year.
While compiling the list, we made room for all these artists and more, from critical favorites to rappers who crossed over into pop/R&B territory. Of course, things always get controversial when artists this diverse go head-to-head in one list, so hip hop fans will have plenty to argue over. These were the finest new hip hop songs of the year, all hitting the charts among the top 100 hip hop songs.
If you have a different version of the list in mind, or want to add a track, here are some points worth keeping in mind: which incredible 2014 singles didn't get enough airplay? What hip hop hits were way overrated? And most importantly, what track will ultimately be remembered as the song that defined hip hop in 2014? Cast your votes below or create your own rerank of the list to definitively decide which hip hop songs were the greatest of 2014.
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